Whether or not you’re an aspiring or a seasoned professional, it’s unlikely you’d wish to spend hours in your artistic challenge, determining the way to remove a picture background. The world is altering with the pace of light, and on the subject of operating campaigns, creating advertisements, or realizing different kinds of tasks, each minute counts.
Depositphotos is right here to introduce you to a new software that won’t solely save you time, but may even mean you can focus extra on the artistic points of your projects. This new online tool is designed to remove backgrounds from photographs in just one click.

About the Depositphotos background removing software

It is AI-powered

The important thing benefit of the brand new Depositphotos tool is that it’s 100% automatic. You don’t have to be an expert designer to isolate objects from backgrounds. Their technology relies on neural networks that immediately process data from your uploaded file and remove a background in just one click.

It saves you money and time

Due to the Depositphotos background remover, there’s no need to spend time working photoshoots or hiring designers. You can simply add an image, and in a few seconds, download it in PNG format with a transparent background.
Furthermore, the tool is completely free.
Important Notice:All files will be removed from their database after 24 hours.
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How the tool works

Removing a picture background is simpler than you suppose. Choose a JPG or PNG file that you wish to edit, and in just a few steps, you’ll be capable to download the photo or illustration with a removed background.
Step 1. Access the Depositphotos Online Background Remover.
Step 2. Add a picture with the ‘Upload Image’ button or drag and drop it onto the website.
Step 3. Wait a few seconds for the picture to be processed by the tool.
Step 4. Download your image with a transparent background in PNG in a click.

That’s it! You can also sell this service on online freelance websites and earn money.