Quick and easy tips to optimize your YouTube videos properly to get more views. These 5 YouTube video SEO Optimization tips are important to understand and this tutorial on YouTube optimization is great for YouTube beginners.

Grab A Click

If a user does not click your thumbnail, you have lost a view. Spend more time designing your thumbnails (and titles) to get clicks from your target audience.


While promoting your new video, do not link people directly to the video. Link them to a Playlist that has the video so that the user will stay on your channel.

Category or Topic

When starting your channel on YouTube, stay focused on a category or topic so your viewers know what kind of content you will make. When your channel grows, you can share more topics.

Title – Description – Tags

YouTube considers 3 essential pieces of metadata when selecting a video’s search rankings. First it examines a video’s title, then its description, and then it looks at the tags/keywords.

Consistency | Patience

YouTube is a Marathon, not a rush hour. If you do not create videos about topics you love and have knowledge or experience in, it will be difficult to maintain viewers and grow fast.

Bonus Tips

  1. Pay attention to the first 200 characters of your description because that is where YouTube looks for searchable data. Do not include any links in them.
  2. Leave a subscription link in the description of every video and at the end of channel URL add this ?sub_confirmation=1

Example: https://www.youtube.com/c/InhaleTheAir?sub_confirmation=1

Create Videos

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