A Complete Guide to Password Protect Google Drive Files Using Best Method Available on the Web. Lock Videos, Images, Docs, Apps and More.

Google Drive offers several features for quick access and support. You can store videos, images, apps, zip files, docs other files in Google Drive without any complications. Many users look to lock the file uploaded to google drive, and when such files are shared with the end-user, they need to enter the password to access the file.

Technically speaking, GDrive offers a lock feature wherein you can restrict file access and share it only with known members, but it does not offer any kind of password protection. So Here is the Best Method to Password Encrypt Google Drive Files & Folders, Preferably Video, Image, App, Audio, Zip, or more.

Password Protect a File Using Tool:

You can use a free 3rd party tool named Link Lock by Jacob Strieb on the Github repository to lock the Drive sharing link. The tool is free and ad-free, built for open source use. Link Lock uses AES in GCM mode to securely encrypt passwords and PBKDF2 and salted SHA-256 (100,000 iterations) for secure key derivation. Encryption, decryption, and key derivation are all performed by the SubtleCrypto API.

  • Visit Link Lock Site.
  • Enter the GDrive Link in Secret Link field.
  • Create and Confirm Password. Click Encrypt.
  • Copy the Encrypted Link from Output field and Share.


Now one must enter the password to unlock the URL.


With this Guide you will learn;

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